Night life

The night life in Ohrid depends on the season of the year. In the winter the town is quiet and almost looks as deserted.  But, in the other parts of the year, especially in the peak of the summer, here at night it is more crowded than during the day and it seems like nobody is sleeping. In the summer Ohrid’s life is more intensive during the night. 

The summer night parties last until the early morning hours. The night rhythm of Ohrid is another great and unforgettable experience for all the visitors and guests. Concerts of classical music, concerts held by the famous Balkan music stars (sometimes more than one in the same night), folk concerts, performances of world famous DJs, Live music at every corner, and even for the bohemians music just to their ears…

Both the foreign visitors and the guests from Macedonia  are both delighted by the night life in Ohrid. After spending the day sunbathing on the numerous beaches and enjoying in the bars that are right next to them, they continue the party in the center. The most visited ones are of course the cafes and the night clubs that are in the center of the town, on the square and the ones by the lake, where you may have to wait in order to find a free table. When the sun sets, the clubs that are located on the beaches turn into night clubs, and famous DJs raise the atmosphere to the point of boiling. The scenes are lively and various, with different musical tones, and places for dancing and gathering can be found on each step you make.

The night parties in Ohrid last until the early morning hours. For all the lovers of night life, in summer Ohrid is a paradise. Crowded bars, cafes and bistros… Entertainment and music of different genres and for everyone’s taste… Sometimes, it may happen in the peak of the season to see more than one concert in the same evening given by famous Balkan music stars, and on the other hand the concerts that you can see in The Ohrid Summer Festival tell a story for themselves.

In the center, throughout the square, the sounds that come from different cafes mix with the music that is given by a great number of street musicians, and the busyness even in the hours after midnight can bring you the question whether Ohrid ever sleeps.

Yes, it does, but in winter! The end of the summer also means the end of the crazy and exciting night life in Ohrid. After that only the weekends and holiday parties remind us of the exciting summer parties. After the ending of the season Ohrid starts his hibernation, waiting for the following summer , when it will start to pulse in the rhythm of the parties of various kinds.


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