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Stuffed Ohrid Trout

Ohrid is also famous by it's numrious specialities, but definitely the stuffed Ohrid  trout is  the best speciality made in Ohrid's kitchen.

One trout weighting 1kg
250gr onion
black pepper, red pepper
a bundle of chopped parsley
2 lemons

The trout should be thoroughly washed, cleaned from all the scales and in one piece it is put on the plate or on a barbeque to be roasted.
During the roasting oil should be poured over the fish. When it is done, it is placed on a wooden plate and cut on one side from the head to the tail and then the fish can be opened. The spine has to be taken out and the fish is cleaned from the inside. Then you should put salt, pepper, pour some lemon juice and put the stuffing inside.
The stuffing is made of fried onions, tomatoes , black pepper, red pepper, chopped parsley  and salt… When it is stuffed, the trout is closed and it is brought back to the initial position. It is served in long plates, in a way that the side that is cut should be placed down.

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