An adventure above Ohrid Lake

For the lovers of extreme sports, Ohrid offers a great opportunity to play with their adrenalin.

Acrobat skydiving with a hang-glider starting from the peak of the mountain Galichica and lending on the beach Ljubanishta, flying kites, parachuting, motor flying and modeling are only a few of the sports that can be practiced here. 

Everyone who has tried to lend from the mountain Galichica to the camping called Ljubanishta with a hang-glider or a parachute, delightfully states that the view is incredibly beautiful.

The technique of free flying, the movement of the wind and the warm air, sometimes are enough challenge to experience an adventure, to get a shocking dose of adrenalin, fun and unforgettable experience.

For the ones that seek adrenalin fun, Ohrid is energetically dynamic space and a mystery.


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