The biggest truth about Macedonia, called Ohrid

          The truth called Ohrid, is one of the greatest truths about Macedonia. The eternal city is a magical hill which relates the old with the new times with its historical pulsation.  Our Ohrid is a "living" city, 2.400 years a legitimate heir of the light Lihnid, a town with woven reach of the strong antique civilization.

          In fact, this little peace of land embraces the cultural history of the Republic of Macedonia in whole; as an episcopal center in the ancient times,and later through the worldwide heard Ohrid Archbishopry. Also, the city represent the entire church history of Macedonia; its named the Jerusalem of the Balkans.
          Throughout the activity of St. Klement of Ohrid, the city was the location of the first Slavic university in Europe, being the most significant capital of the first Macedonian – Slavic state, more precisely, the Samoil’s Empire.
          Ohrid is Macedonia’s reviving hotspot in the XIX centery, and remains the biggest cultural, spiritual and touristic center of Macedonia till nowadays, and, at the end, as a crown of the values, Ohrid and the Ohrid lake are world cultural and natural heritage protected under UNESKO, since 1980.