The magic of the secret beaches in Ohrid - The Beach of Love

Less than a kilometer away from the well known mondaine beach Gradishte, on the right side you can notice a small untidy parking lot and right next to it a mule track which is only clear at the beginning. 

The eye will trick you to peep into what is hidden behind the wild bushes and to discover the mystery behind the few thistles and a mild slope. After you run downwards, covered in the shadow, sweetly breathing, you will find yourself at one of the most beautiful wild beaches in Ohrid.
Three huge stones in the water itself and a coast that is no longer than 20 meters and 4 meters wide at certain points and at others only two.  
This wild beach can become your Garden of Eden. There you can put aside your clothes and take a swim in the cleanest water that you have ever seen. If you are afraid that someone can come and see you in a romantic embrace, you don’t have to worry.
There are unwritten rules of behavior considering the wild beaches. Whoever comes will leave you alone and will pretend that he hasn’t seen you or he will head towards the next hidden place. 

The intimacy that you can experience there can tell you why somebody called it with that name. The beach is small, when you lie down, your feet are in the water and you mustn’t miss the opportunity to take a swim into the water which is shallow only within few steps from the coast, further than that you must show your swimming skills. But the water is so crystal clear that you would wish never to get out of the water. 


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