Famous beaches

It is called Golden but also it is a jet set beach. It is located in the area which was previously known as beach Park, and it is also a favorite place of the domestic celebrities- actors, singers, sportsman, politicians… 

This modern beach with pleasant ambient has been created following the worldwide standards and it offers its guests luxury: approximately 300 sun beds, 200 hundred of them by the lake itself and 80 around the beautiful swimming pool, 50 booths, more than 100 tables dominantly in white colour, where refreshing cocktails are served, tasty food, coffee…or whatever that can be offered in order to allow the guests unforgettable time.

Celebrities, excellent music, beach with all the attributes that remind you of the mondaine world beaches.

Some people this IN beach visit only to be seen, others to enjoy the unbelievably beautiful view of the town and to take unforgettable photographs of the ideal bond of the natural beauty and the human creativity.


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