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Places for excursion - Skrebatno

When you travel from Ohrid to Bitola, in the village of Leskoec you can notice a road sign which shows the way to Skrebatno and the church St. Bogorodica.
Skrebatno is located in the bosom of the mountain Petrino, 1200m above the sea level and 9km away from the village of Leskoec, in a very picturesque landscape.

In the village itself there are only a few people that live there, but it is continually renewed by the people that used to live there, and currently it is one of the best arranged places for excursion in Macedonia.

The surrounding area is rich with meadows, forests, a river with small waterfalls, a drinking fountain with an extraordinary cold water, a fishpond, waterways and springs, a kitchen equipped with cutlery for 5000 guests, open bars, barbeques, build in ovens where you can prepare gjomleze and tables for dining in the different areas of the complex. There are drinking fountains, neat and clean toilets, sockets for electricity throughout the complex, sports’ terrains for soccer, basketball and handball. It is all available to be used 24 hours a day by all the visitors without paying any fee for it.

All you need to bring with you is your good will and also food. If you forget to bring salt, oil or coffee, don’t worry, you can find these things in the kitchen and in the bars, and you can use it as well as the whole cutlery, barbeques together with wood, and other different things of course free of charge.

Besides the great arrangement of the space, you would also be delighted by the dedication of all the people from Skrebatno ,that in the past had moved out from the village and settled in the village of Leskoec, Ohrid, or even further away, to their place of birth, especially to the church property that they call Monastery. They come there almost every day if the weather allows them and take care of the place. 

In Skrebatno, a lot of entertainment programs and concerts are held regarding different holidays. The biggest event is the celebration of Saint Bogorodica, on the 28th of August. That is the day of the patron Saint Bogorodica. Throughout the whole year, people from Skrebatno have preparations for that day, and they celebrate it for a week. It is an old custom, the church to serve lunch, which consists of mutton, served in plates made of clay using wooden spoons. With that meal, guests are also served marvelous homemade bread baked in home ovens using wood. For that occasion 50-60 sheep and lambs are slain, and the stew is prepared that same day in huge copper cauldrons. On that day around 5000 dishes are served and it all happens within an hour.

In Skrebatno, in the past few years, before the end of the summer, a manifestation is organized and held symbolically rounding off the end of the touristic season in Ohrid, where the guests and the tourists have a chance, free of charge to taste specialties from the Ohrid traditional cousin and also homemade drinks, as well as to view the competition in preparing the best gjomleze. And, only for common sense, the name Skrebatno comes from the plant called skreba( traveler’s joy) or white rose. It grows up to 5m in height, but it does not crawl on trees, it only thickly covers the surrounding bushes. The old people say that the skreba can be used for preparing tea for calming the organism. However, even without the tea, the visit of Skrebatno itself can calm you down for sure.


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