St. Naum Locality- a lot of beauties in the same place

28 kilometers away from the town of Ohrid, among the endless blueness of the Ohrid Lake and the high mountain sierra of the mountain Galichica is the locality called St. Naum. The locality is surrounded by divine nature and radiates with beauty, culture, history and tradition.
This is an area that can amaze you with its beauty and a place where you can find your peace of mind.

A church dedicated to St. Naum Ohridski The Miracle Worker

A part of this complex is a beautiful church made of stones and bricks with a shape of inscribed cross, dedicated to St. Naum.

There is numerous evidence about the miracles that had happened in the monastery of St. Naum Ohridski The Miracle Worker. They present a living proof of the holiness of this temple and the miraculous power of the relics of St. Naum that are laid in the church.

Saint Naum Ohridski, a contemporary of Saint Kliment Ohridski and one of the most significant students of the Saints Cyril and Methodius, was well known for his miraculous healing power. He built the church dedicated to the holly archangels Michael and Gavril, in the 9th century. In 910, after his death, Saint Naum was buried in the small chapel in the church which is decorated with impressive frescoes that show his life and the miracles he had made. On the columns, there are remains of inscriptions in Glagolitic and Cyrillic letters that date from the 10th century, and are proofs of the beginnings of the Slavic literacy.

A great number of guests come to the monastery of St. Naum to visit the tomb of the saint. It is a sanctuary for the sick people, especially for the ones that have mental diseases. The visitors believe that even nowadays if you place your ear on his tomb you can hear the heartbeats of his heart.

The Peacocks- alive ornament of the Locality

The beauty of the Monastery is also adorned by the extremely beautiful peacocks or birds from heaven which are considered to be a symbol of Christianity and are present in large numbers. The shrieks of these proud birds with colorful feathers can be heard far, far away.

The springs of Crn Drim , something that can’t be by-passed

In the nearby surrounding of the monastery, you can find the most beautiful and the largest springs that supply Ohrid Lake- the springs of the river Crn Drim.  


These waters come from  Prespa Lake passing through underground calcareous channels  at the bottom of the mount Galichica. They consist of 30 underwater and 15 coastal springs with a total capacity of approximately 7.5m3/second.

At the area of the springs there is a formation of a small lake which is 30 hectares large and 3.5m deep. The temperature of the crystal clear water never exceeds 11 degrees, which does not seem to bother the black water turtles, the Ohrid trout, as well as the swans, the wild ducks and the wild hens.

You can find three beautiful churches that are located near the springs. It is believed that the water that comes from the springs that are under the church St. Petka has a healing power when treating the eyes.

The water from the springs flows into Ohrid Lake creating a short and fast river with a capacity of 10 liters in a second, and runs out in Struga creating the river Crn Drim (which means “ black deer”). 

Our recommendation is to go on a tour with a boat through that divine beauty of the springs and to feel the primordial bond between the men and the untouched nature. Everyone should experience the sailing with a boat through the springs of Crn Drim, to hear the silence and to find  a divine peace in his  soul…

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